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Online Assessment Tool

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing would like to advise that the STARCLUB Club Development Program will be discontinued from 30 April 2023. Clubs can still utilise the online assessment tool until this date, however STARCLUB Recognition is no longer available.

A STARCLUB is a well-run club where quality coaches and officials work alongside valued volunteers in a safe and welcoming environment.

Why not measure your club against the STARCLUB criteria? You will then recieve information and support to gradually build your club so it can provide the best environment possible for your members and the wider community.

Should your club complete the STARCLUB - Club Development Program?
  • The STARCLUB - Club Development Program has been designed for use by sport and active recreation clubs of all sizes. The program will be valuable for your club whether you believe your club is already a STARCLUB or has some work to do. It is free and open to all sport and recreation organisations to participate in.
  • Information in the STARCLUB program is specific to current South Australian legislation and is updated regularly to reflect state and national best practice in club development.

The introduction of the STARCLUB Recognition Program in 2015, allows clubs to go the extra yard and become better recognised by the government and other organisations that value the role well-run clubs can play in our community.

  • The new ‘Sustainability’ section could significantly reduce your club running costs. While this section is not compulsory, we recommend you work through it to find better ways to manage your club’s water and energy bills, ground maintenance and finances.
Are you ready to start?

It is recommended you discuss the STARCLUB questions with as many of your club members, board/committee, players, parents and grassroots supporters as possible. Discussing where different people think your organisation is positioned can be a very positive process in itself.

The STARCLUB program relies on you sharing information with all those people with an interest in making your club a better place to be. One person can manage the online tool but the whole club is responsible for creating a STARCLUB environment!

Don't worry if you cannot answer 'Yes' to every question the first, second or even the third time. The STARCLUB process is all about clubs identifying areas that need work, prioritising them and taking actions to achieve these items over time. There is no rush!

To operate legally within SA, all clubs must meet the criteria in items 11 (Volunteer Management), 16 (Equal Opportunity) and 21 (Child Protection). Most clubs will also need to address items 1 (Incorporation) and 2 (WHS). These are identified with **. If you answer 'No' to any of these, you must address them immediately using the links suggested.

As you progress, you can return to this assessment tool to update or review your answers. Save your answers as you go.

When you achieve the right combination of responses, including all the mandatory items, your club receives online/provisional STARCLUB status and an invitation to become fully recognised.

Materials are sent to your club as you move through each stage to promote your progress.

How the online assessment tool works

Get started by clicking the 'Start/Update our Club Development' button above. Preferably use a generic club email address (e.g. and an easy to remember password so you can easily access & review your confidential answers in the future.

Please enter contact details from the outset to ensure your club stays in the loop and update these details regularly.

Your STARCLUB details may be shared with your State sporting organisation, local council and/or other stakeholders who can assist your club in achieving its goals of becoming a better run club.

You can now work your way through the 25 key questions to start thinking about how your club meets or is working towards meeting each of the criteria

As you work through you must ‘Save’ your answers as you go. You can log out at any time and come back to complete each section but always ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page to prevent loss of your data.

When you answer 'Yes' to a key question, you will be asked for additional information to help the ORS build a better profile of sport and recreation clubs throughout South Australia. By checking each of the dropdowns for that question and providing accurate responses, you may decide to change your overall answer to ‘In Progress’ or even ‘No’. There is no pressure for clubs to answer ‘Yes’ to everything – Office for Recreation and Sport understands how challenging it is to stay on top of the many policies, legislative changes and community expectations underpinning a STARCLUB.

Answering a question with 'In progress' allows you to show you are aware of and working on the issue but you still have some work to do. It also allows you to suggest the type of resources and assistance that would make it easier for your club to improve.

When you answer 'No' to a question, this is where the real benefits of STARCLUB come to the fore. ‘No’ responses trigger a drop down of suggestions and links to resources to help you address that criteria and gradually improve your club. These resources are constantly updated so it is always worth checking under the ‘No’ response for the latest information & best practices, even when you answer ‘Yes’ or ‘In Progress’.

‘No’ and ‘In Progress’ responses are automatically added to your Action Plan as you progress.

Once you have completed all of the STARCLUB assessment questions, press ‘Submit’ on the bottom of Part 5.

Your club's answers action plan can be printed at this stage for further reference and motivation to keep your club moving ahead.

Offline options

We highly recommend you use the online assessment tool. The benefits include:

  • save, print & update your details over time
  • receive an easy to print action plan
  • access up to the latest resources, information and training
  • provide valuable feedback to us and your key stakeholders
  • go on our STARCLUB register
  • receive STARCLUB club promotion material

If you would also like to review the questions in a printed format, prior or in conjunction with using the online assessment, you can download our printable assessment booklet here.

Start your Club Development